US Holocaust Museum & crowdsourcing displaced children identities

Today is Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day, part of the Days of Remembrance 07-14 April.

You can help the US Holocaust Memorial Museum further identify displaced children of the Holocaust. This is a remarkable project that calls upon the power of crowdsourcing and (re)defining lost pasts through shared memory.

Here are details for the Remember Me? project:

If you recognize yourself or someone you know in one of the photos, please contact the Museum’s Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center at or via phone at 202-488-0416.

The most recently updated profile of Fischer Kampel suggests that memories of these experiences offer comfort to families, too. Kampel’s example underscores the ways in which understanding the experiences of these children helps wider understanding of the role of the Holocaust experience in adult life; and also the ways survivors communicated or were unable to communicate the horrors to their families.

More images and names here  and further details about the Remember Me? Project available here – and see @HolocaustMuseum Twitter feed for events and to learn more.